Top 10 Reasons Everyone is Moving to Denver

Colorado has seen a large influx of people moving into the Denver area and all over the state. Some reports say that Denver alone gains 30,000 newcomers every month, which is astronomical! That said, people aren’t moving here for no reason. In fact, some of the reasons people are moving to Denver are obvious – for instance, the weather, scenery, and access to mountains. Some reasons, though, are not so obvious, but equally as important to the equation. Check out why Denver is such a hot destination everyone wants to move to:


The Weather

It’s as simple as that. If you’ve never been to Colorado, let me paint you a quick picture. Denver happens to be a mile above sea level, which means that the oxygen levels are lower than normal, but you will quickly become acclimated to the lower levels of oxygen. Due to this higher elevation, you will usually see better temperatures and clearer skies. The city of Denver sees about 300 days of sunshine every year. In the summer months the temperatures can reach up to 90 degrees and higher, the lower or lack of humidity makes the temperatures more tolerable. During winter you’ll normally see temperatures that hover around 40 degrees give or take. Due to the elevation and climate, you generally get a clearer sky during the day and night, meaning a beautiful view of the moon and stars.


Lower Crime Rate

Since Colorado legalized marijuana, the state has seen a significant drop in drug-related crimes. Violent crimes in Colorado are around 0.73 per every 1000 people, which is quite low in regard to other states. Denver specifically has some very safe neighborhoods, for example, 48th Ave, Holly Hills, and Sheridan Blvd. Denver as a whole is a safer area and you can feel assured that your family will be out of harm’s way.


The Scenery & Lifestyle

In Denver, you can choose the lifestyle you want for yourself. Whether that be going skiing one day and then partying it up at exclusive nightclubs the next. Denver has an amazing mix of both nature and city life. There are so many different activities in the city and near it that you can take advantage of. Downtown Denver is filled with gorgeous skyscrapers, bars, restaurants, and clubs. If that’s not your scene you can take a quick drive to the mountains for hiking or skiing, or find a lake for recreational activities. You can’t beat waking up in Denver and seeing the amazing scenery of mountains in the distance practically at any which way you look or drive.


Higher Home Values & Wonderful Neighborhoods

Denver has quite a mix of modern and contemporary neighborhoods. If you’re looking for a trendy studio, suburban home, mountainous area, or urban development, you can easily find that in the Denver area. For example, we have Wheat Ridge, which is an expansion from NW Denver. Due to the fact that they have new breweries and restaurants along with great living areas, it’s a good area for single people to meet new people. Englewood has small, funky, and affordable homes for purchase. They’re located by Denver Tech Center and South Broadway. Arvada is a beautiful area full of suburbs and great homes. The home value is higher here, but we also have great schools. As you can see from the few suburbs or areas of Denver listed above, there is an assortment of different neighborhoods you can choose from. The home value in Denver ranges between $350-400K.


Full of Culture & Life

It’s extremely hard to get bored in Denver – actually, it’s nearly impossible. There is an abundance of things to do on any given day. There are several museums, such as Denver Art Museum, Denver Nature and Science Museum, The Denver Performing Arts Complex, and Meow Wolf to name a few. The Red Rocks Amphitheater also puts on shows of all kinds. There are great music festivals in the area, amazing nature trails, and the mountains aren’t far away. The arts and culture scene of Denver is amazing and beyond belief. You can pick and choose between many different cultural activities and enjoy them.


Work-Life Balance

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed and time spent outside work is meant to be refreshing. Colorado is such an outdoor-oriented state that finding a good work-life balance is easier than most. Many of the state’s and city of Denver’s top employers realize that happy employees create and produce better work. They often give perks such as discounted ski passes or very generous PTO. Even if you don’t get offered these perks it’s much easier to take advantage of the weekend since outdoor activities and cultural events are so close.


Job Options

Job growth in Denver has been absolutely booming for quite some time. Denver has become one of the best cities for the outdoor industry and

young professionals. Outside Denver, the ski industry is booming offering a variety of different job opportunities and options. The Airforce Academy and SpaceForce are located in Colorado Springs and that means a number of options to work in the armed forces. Aerospace design and engineering jobs are growing to support the military and also Denver International Airport. The airport alone is a massive employer itself as well as the third busiest airport in the United States. If you want to stay local and not commute to work there are plenty of options in the city such as dispensaries and cannabis.


Professional Sports

There are always sporting events to attend in the city of Denver. There’s a bit of everything in the city from the football (Denver Broncos), baseball    (Colorado Rockies), basketball (Denver Nuggets), hockey (Colorado Avalanche), and soccer (Colorado Rapids). You will not have a  sporting event to attend, and if your sport oriented it’s a great city to live in and enjoy these competitive sports teams.


Economic Opportunities

Population growth and GDP (gross domestic product), have been steadily

rising in the state of Colorado from 2009 to 2019. The state produced around $100 billion more in 2019 than 2009, with about an influx of 750,000 new residents during that time. This took a hit during Covid as did most places, but Colorado is expected to make a full comeback in 2022. This means Colorado is still desirable now as it was before the pandemic. As Colorado recovers the need for individual expertise will continue to skyrocket. If you have a specific skill set that Colorado might need then the chances are you will be in high demand there.


Breweries, Breweries, Breweries

Beer has become a lifestyle in Denver and the whole of Colorado and not just an enjoyable beverage. The Denver area is home to more well known favorites such as Coors, to locals such as New Belgium, ODell and much more. There’s never a lack of new beers or breweries to try. It’s a large pastime to brewery hop on a warm summer day and considering there’s many options you can always find something new.


Are you considering a move to Denver and want to work with an expert realtor on finding a home? Look no further than DaVinci Realty! We are rooted in Denver and have realtors that have been in Colorado their whole lives – this experience and knowledge is second to none when it comes to finding a home in this hot spot!




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